Arbitrary Shape Airfoil

Potential flow around custom shape Airfoil visualizations. Streamlines, Equipotential Lines, and Isotachs could be optionally displayed. Kutta condition is optionally satisfied too. Angle of Attack, and number of Streamlines, could be interactively selected. The mentioned options generate a wide variety of possible flow configurations, and displays.
Enjoy the ride!

Joukowsky Transformation

Simultaneous Potential flow around Joukowsky airfoil, and Circular cylinder. This WebApp demonstrates interactive implementation of Joukowsky transformation. Angle of Attack, Meanline curvature, Thickness, Equidistant offset, and Number of streamlines parameters could be altered.
We hope you like it!

Conformal Grid Generator

Generates orthogonal grid around Joukowsky airfoil. Various parameters are adjustable from the Control panel.
Have fun!